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ASC Photo Archive
(If you have related photos you wish to have posted on this site,
please contact Chris Eskridge, ceskridge@unl.edu)


Pictures taken in 2017 (Philadelphia meeting):

Mid-Year Board Meeting, April 28-29, 2017, Philadelphia Downtown Marriott (from left to right):

Bonnie Fisher, Karen Heimer, Clarie Renzetti, Hillary Potter, Charis Kubrin, Christina DeJong, Ineke Marshall, Jim Lynch, Ruth Peterson, Natasha Frost, Jody Miller, Cynthia Lum, Maria Velez

Bonnie Fisher, Claire Renzetti, Christina DeJong, Ruth Peterson, Karen Heimer, Ineke Marshall

Natasha Frost, Cynthia Lum, Jody Miller, Maria Velez, Hillary Potter, Charis Kubrin

Pictures taken in 2016 (New Orleans meetings):

Presidents Ruth Peterson and Jim Lynch

New ASC Fellows - Michael Benson, Helene White, and Anthony Braga (Eric Baumer, not pictured)

Presidential Justice Award recipient Jody Owens (and son)

Herbert Bloch Award Recipient Francis Cullen

Gene Carte Student Paper Award Recipients - Eric Flower, Dean Weld, Sean Patrick Roche, and Megan Denver

Michael J. Hindelang Award Recipient Jamie Fader

Mentor Award Recipient David Weisburd

Teaching Award Recipient Lori Pompa

Outstanding Paper Award Recipient Sarah Brayne

Sellin-Glueck Award Recipient Letizia Paoli

August Vollmer Award Recipient Denise Gottfredson

Peterson Fellowship Recipients – John Navarro, Krystlelynn Caraballo (Colleen Berryessa not pictured)

Ice Cream Social – Natasha Frost and Jay Albanese

Poster Session

Ron Akers Band – Tasha Youstin, Jeff Ferrell, Eddy Green, Mark Hamm

The Crew

Behind the Scenes

Mid-Year Board Meeting, April 22-23, 2016, New Orleans Riverside Hilton Hotel (first row from left to right - Eric Stewart, Beth Huebner, Claire Renzetti, Hillary Potter, Jim Lynch, Ruth Peterson, Laura Dugan, Candace Kruttschnitt, Ineke Marshall, Delores Jones-Brown, Natasha Frost, Charis Kubrin, Jody Miller, Jay Albanese)

Pictures taken in 2015 (Washington D.C. meetings):

Presidents Candace Kruttschnitt and Ruth Peterson

Former ASC Presidents Steve Messner and David Farrington

Former ASC Presidents Roland Chilton, Jim Lynch, John Laub, Frank Scarpitti, Charles Wellford

New ASC Fellows, Karen Heimer, Cheryl Maxson, Ronald Simons

Presidential Justice Award recipient Carole Tracy

Herbert Bloch Award Recipient James Lynch and John H. Laub

Gene Carte Student Paper Award Recipients Megan Eileen Collins, Shi Yan

Ruth Shonle Cavan Award Recipient Justin T. Pickett

Michael J. Hindelang Award Recipient Simon Singer

Mentor Award Recipient Jody Miller

Outstanding Paper Award Recipient Issa Kohler-Hausmann

Shellin-Glueck Award Recipient Tapio Lappi-Seppala

Edwin H. Sutherland Award Recipient Robert Agnew

August Vollmer Award Recipient C. Ronald Huff

Minority Fellowship Recipients Charleen Harris, Jeanee Miller, Julian Thompson

Exhibit Hall

Ice Cream Social - 1

Ice Cream Social - 2

Poster Session - 1

Poster Session - 2

Poster Session - 3

Mid-Year Board Meeting, May 1-2, 2015, Washington, D.C. Hilton (from left to right seated - Ruth Peterson, Candace Kruttschnitt, Joanne Belknap; standing - Chris Eskridge, Claire Renzetti, Hillary Potter, Karen Parker, Beth Huebner, Lori Krivo, Eric Stewart, Eric Baumer, Natasha Frost, Laura Dugan, Travis Pratt, Jay Albanese)

Pictures taken in 2014 (San Francisco meetings):

Jody Miller, Finn Esbensen, Alan Lizotte, Kathleen Daly - New ASC Fellows

Janet Garcia and Brittany Friedman - Minority Fellowship Recipients

Callie H. Burt - Ruth Shonle Cavan Award Recipient

Carolyn Becky Block - Herbert Bloch Award Recipient

David P. Farrington - August Vollmer Award Recipient

Erin Wolbeck, Marin Wenger, Adam Boessen -  Gene Carte Student Paper Award Recipients

Chong Min Na - Outstanding Paper Award Recipient

Robert J. Sampson - Michael J. Hindelang Award Recipient

David Weisburd - Edwin H. Sutherland Award Recipient

Michael Levi - Sheldon/Glueck Award Recipient

Exhibit Hall

Natasha Frost and Beth Huebner at the Ice Cream Social

Lateefah Simon - Presidential Justice Award Recipient

Poster Session photo 1

Poster Session photo 2

DCC social

Freda Adler and assemblage

Our New Presidents - Candace Kruttschnitt and Ruth Peterson

University of Cincinnati reception

Behind the Scenes

The Team

Ernesto Savona, Jianhong Liu, Chris Eskridge, Marcelo Aebi, Stefano Caneppele

Murray Straus, Jim Short, Colin Loftin

Ron Akers and his Bluegrass Band

Mid-Year Board Meeting, May 2 - 3, 2014  (from the left, Pam Wilcox, Nancy Rodriguez, Beth Huebner, Karen Heimer, Travis Pratt, Eric Baumer, Candace Kruttschnitt...and Jay Albanese's hand!)


Pictures taken in 2013 (Atlanta meetings)*:

Andrew Young

Bob Agnew and Andrew Young

Cathy Spatz-Widom – Edwin H. Sutherland Award Recipient

Marg Zahn – Herbert Bloch Award Recipient

Mark Lipsey – August Vollmer Award Recipient

Geoff Ward – Michael J. Hindelang Award Recipient

Chris Wildeman – Ruth Shonle Cavan Award Recipient

Jody Clay-Warner – Outstanding Teaching Award Recipient

James Wo, Chris Smith, Daniel Ragan – Gene Carte Student Paper Award Recipients

Man Kit Lei, Ronald Simons – Outstanding Paper Award Recipients

Zahara Shekarkhai, Jorge Martinez – Minority Fellowship Recipients

Bonnie Berry – Special Lifetime Mentoring Award Recipient

Janet Lauritsen, Chris Uggen, Richard Felson, Cassia Spohn – New ASC Fellows

Francesco Calderone, Ernesto Savona, Stefano Caneppele

The ASC Staff

Behind the Scenes (photo 1)

Behind the Scenes (photo 2)

Ron Akers and his Bluegrass Band

Pam Wilcox and Bob Agnew

Shawn Bushway and Karen Parker

Susan Sharp and Nancy Rodriguez

Hot Spots

Hot Spots crowd


Adler Tribute Panel (Pam Wilcox, Frank Cullen Freda Adler, Alida Merlo, Jay Albanese)

Rob Sampson, Bob Agnew, Joanne Belknap, Candace Kruttschnitt

Assistant U.S. Attorney General Karol Mason

Andrew Young and event attendees

Andrew Young and event attendees

Bob Agnew

Exhibit Hall (photo 1)

Exhibit Hall (photo 2)

Karol Mason and event attendees

Colin Loftin at the Ice Cream Social

Poster Session (photo 1)

Poster Session (photo 2)

Poster Session (photo 3)

Poster Session (photo 4)

Poster Session (photo 5)

Mid Year Board Meeting, April 26-27, 2013 (Bob Agnew near table; left table Colin Loftin, Becky Block; far table Shawn Bushway, Rob Sampson; right table Travis Pratt, Pam Wilcox, Nancy Rodriguez, Susan Sharp, Joanne Belknap)

*pictures taken by Mariah Waltemath

Pictures taken in 2012 (Chicago meetings)*:

Mid Year Board Meeting, April 21-22, 2012 (from left: Susan Sharp, Nancy Rodriguez, Mike Benson, John Wooldredge, Bonnie Fisher, Rob Sampson)

Mid Year Board Meeting, April 21-22, 2012 (from left: Bob Agnew, Colin Loftin, Pam Wilcox, Lisa Brody, Steve Messner, Shawn Bushway)

Chris Dum, Alana Gun and Jay Kennedy - Minority Fellowship Recipients

Noah Painter-Davis and Sarah Brayne - Gene Carte Student Paper Award Recipents

Andrew Papachristos and Min Xie - Ruth Shonle Cavan Award Recipients

Darrell Steffensmeier, Jeffrey Ulmer, Ben Feldmeyer, Casey Harris, Harland Prechel and Teresa Morris - Outstanding Article Recipients

David Garland - Michael J. Hindelang Award and Edwin H. Sutherland Award Recipient

Scott Decker, Marvin Krohn and Mark Warr - New ASC Fellows

Julie Horney - Herbert Bloch Award Recipient

Elena Rely Vilcica, accepting on behalf of her late husband, John Goldkamp - August Vollmer Award Recipient

Marc LeBlanc - Thorsten Sellin and Sheldon and Eleanor Glueck Award Recipient

Chicago Area Project - Presidential Award Recipient

Rob Sampson and John Laub

Susan Sharp and Shawn Bushway

Steve Messner and John Laub

Frank Cullen and Doris MacKenzie

Bob Agnew

Ice Cream Social

Presidential Plenary

Poster Session 1

Poster Session 2

Rob Sampson at the Poster Session

Rob Sampson and Scott Decker at the Award Plenary

*pictures taken by Danielle Rousseau and Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal


Pictures taken in 2011 (Washington, DC meetings):

Picture of 10 Past Presidents (standing from left: Roland Chilton, Steve Messner, Del Elliott, John Laub, Al Blumstein, Freda Adler, Julie Horney, Ron Huff; Marg Zahn and Bob Bursik in front)

Linda Greenhouse - President's Justice Award Recipient

Ruth Peterson - Sutherland Award Recipient

Lauren Porter and Matt Vogel - Gene Carte Student Paper Award First Place Recipients

Kelly Thames - Gene Carte Student Paper Award Second Place Recipient

Dena Carson - Gene Carte Student Paper Award Third Place Recipient

Pat VanVoorhis - Vollmer Award Recipient

Aubrey Jackson - Minority Fellowship Recipient

Reuben Miller - Minority Fellowship Recipient

Heather Washington - Minority Fellowship Recipient

Manuel Eisner - Sellen-Glueck Award Recipient

Randolph Roth - Hindelang Award Recipient

Derek Kreager - Cavan Young Scholar Award Recipient

Henry Pontell - Bloch Award Recipient

David McDowell - Outstanding Teaching Award Recipient

ASC Fellows 2011 (Ralph Taylor, Alex Piquero, Todd Clear and Bob Crutchfield)

ASC Board Meeting, November 14, 2011 (from left: Pam Wilcox, Rob Sampson, Steve Messner, Joanne Belknap, Nancy Rodriguez)

Poster Session #1

Poster Session #2 (Murray Straus and Ineke Marshall)

Poster Session #3

Ice Cream Social - Eric Stewart, Nancy Rodriguez, Lisa Broidy, Chris Eskridge, Bob Agnew, Ross Matsueda, Shawn Bushway, Pam Wilcox and Henry Pontell

Behind the Scenes (Where are the lines?)

Mid Year Board Meeting, April 29-30, 2011

Rob Sampson, Rick Rosenfeld, Steve Messner - April 30, 2011


Pictures taken in 2010 (San Francisco meetings):

Vickii Coffey and Akwasi Owusu-Bempah - Minority Fellowship Recipients

Amy Nivette, Casey Harris, Michael Light, Michael Barton and Matt Vogel - Gene Carte Student Paper Award Recipients

John Hipp - Cavan Young Scholar Award Recipient

Bill McCarthy and Teresa Casey - Outstanding Article Award Recipients

Colin Loftin, Stephen Mastrofski, Per-Olof Wikstrom - New ASC Fellows

James Short - Bloch Award Recipient

Howard Snyder - Vollmer Award Recipient

Ross Homel - Sellin-Glueck Award Recipient

Frank Cullen - Sutherland Award Recipient

Andrew Sonner - Presidential Award Recipient

Jonathan Simon - Hindelang Award Recipient

2010-2011 ASC President Steve Messner and 2009-2010 ASC President Rick Rosenfeld

Ice Cream Social - Jody Miller, Cheryl Maxson and Michael Benson

Jim Short, Rick Rosenfeld and Colin Loftin

Behind the Scenes

Executive Board Meeting (November 2010)

Mid Year Board Meeting (May 1, 2010) - from left: Jody Miller, Cheryl Maxson, Eric Stewart, Karen Heimer, Eric Baumer, Jim Lynch, Steven Messner


Pictures taken in 2009 (Philadelphia meetings):

Behind the Scenes

Poster Session - Stephan Rice, Tarra Jackson, Candace McCoy

Poster Session - Cynthia Koller, Elizabeth Koller, Steve Messner

Poster Session - Barbara Stoltz, Dick Bennett, Blythe Bowman

Board Meeting 1 - from left: Mike Benson, Bonnie Fisher, Jody Miller, Cassia Spohn, Eric Steward; seated behind the table Hillary Potter, Brenda Blackwell, Freda Adler

Board Meeting 2 - from left: Eric Baumer, Karen Heimer, Joanne Belknap, Steve Messner, Rick Rosenfeld

Ice Cream Social - Joanne Belknap, Todd Clear, Bob Agnew, Wayne Osgood

Tom Feucht, Congressman Bobby Scott, Howard Silver, Todd Clear

Congressman Bobby Scott and Todd Clear

Nicole Rafter - Sutherland Award Recipient

Elliott Curie - Vollmer Award Recipient

David Nelken - Sellin-Glueck Award Recipient

Kevin Beaver - Cavan Award Recipient (with Prentice Hall representative, left)

John Hagan and Wenona Wymond-Richmond - Hindelang Award Recipients

Jeffrion Aubry, Eric Cadora, Michael Thompson, Susan Tucker - Presidential Award Recipients

Ted Chiricos, Kelle Barrick, William Bales & Stephanie Bontrager - Outstanding Article Award Recipients

Richard Wright, Sally Simpson, David McDowall - New ASC Fellows

Al Blumstein - Bloch Award Recipient

Padriac Burns - Carte Student Paper Award Recipient

Emily Tanner-Smith - Carte Student Paper Award Recipient

Amanda Gendon, David Glisch-Sanchez, Yvonne Isom, Xavier Perez, Latosha Traylor (not pictured), Morgan Velez-Young - Minority Fellowship Recipients

Todd Clear

John Laub and Jim Lynch

Passing the Gavel (Todd Clear to Rick Rosenfeld)

Frank Cullen


Pictures taken in 2008 (St. Louis meetings):

Behind the Scenes #1

Behind the Scenes #2

Poster Session #1

Poster Session #2

Poster Session #3

Rita Shah, LaDonna Long, (Eduardo Moncada not present) - Minority Fellowship Recipients

Jacob Young, Meredith Worthen, Kristin Williams - Carte Student Paper Award Recipients (with McGraw-Hill representative, far left) 

Brian Johnson - Cavan Recipient (with Prentice Hall representative, left)

Ross Matsueda (David Huizinga and Derek Kreager, not shown) - Outstanding Article Award Recipients

Malcolm Klein - Vollmer Recipient

Joachim Savelsberg, Peter Reuter, Henry Pontell, Merry Morash - New ASC Fellows

Bonnie Berry - Bloch Recipient

Jan van Dijk - Sellin-Glueck Recipient

Terence Thornberry - Sutherland Recipient

Zaki Baruti - Presidential Justice Award Recipient

Bob Bursik and Jim Short at the President’s Plenary

Steve Messner, Robert Sampson, John Laub 

Ineke Marshall, Jack Greene, Kristiina Kangaspunti, Jan van Dijk 

Cassia Spohn and Todd Clear working at the Ice Cream Social

The Hot Spots

Ron Akers and his Bluegrass Band

Passing the Gavel (Bob Bursik to Todd Clear)

Minoru Yokoyama and John Braithwaite

DCC Undergraduate Student Paper Award winner, Holly Pelvin

Walter DeKeseredy, David Kauzlarich, Christopher Mullins

DCC Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Walter DeKeseredy, with David Kauzlarich

DCC Critical Criminologists of the Year, Christopher Mullins and Dawn Rother, with David Kauzlarich

Dawn Rothe and Ron Kramer

David Kauzlarich, Dawn Rothe, Ron Kramer

Christopher Mullins and Jody Miller

DCC Graduate Student Paper Award winner, Randy Myers, with David Kauzlarich

DCC Lifetime Achievement Award, Walter DeKeseredy

Pictures taken in 2007 (Atlanta meetings):

Behind the Scenes #1

Behind the Scenes #2

Behind the Scenes #3

Jimmy Carter addressing the Annual Meeting Attendees

Alan Lizotte and Alex Piquero at the Ice Cream Social

Wine and Cheese/Poster Session

Ron Akers and his Bluegrass Band

Richard Catalano - Vollmer Recipient

Suzanne Karstedt - Sellin-Glueck Recipient

Aaron Kupchik - Cavan and Hindelang Recipient

Franklin Zimring - Sutherland Recipient

Thomas Ross - Presidential Justice Award Recipient

Doris MacKenzie, Denise Gottfredson, David Garland, David Finkelhor - New ASC Fellows (with Michael Tonry)

Jocelyn Fontaine, Ericka Adams, Jennifer Cobbina - Minority Fellowship Recipients

Jonathan Brauer, George Kikuchi, Mike Vuolo - Carte Student Paper Award Recipients (with McGraw Hill Representative, far right)

Barb Perry - DCC Critical Criminologist of the Year Recipient

Bruce Arrigo, Walter DeKeseredy, Donna Killingbeck, Shahid Alvi, Barb Perry, Ken Mentor - DCC Officers

Carrie George - DCC Undergraduate Student Paper Award recipient (Dave Kauzlarich)

Gregg Barak - DCC Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Holly Pelvin - DCC Undergraduate Student Paper Award Recipient

Ron Kramer, Gregg Barak, and Dave Kauzlarich - New DCC Officers

Ashley Demyan - DCC Graduate Student Paper Award Recipient

DCC Social

Mid-Year Board Meeting, April 25-26, 2007 (around table left to right - standing Michael Tonry, Bob Bursik, Janet Lauritsen, Steve Messner, David Weisburd, Alex Piquero, John Wright, Pat VanVoorhis, Chris Uggen, Jeanette Hussemann)

Pictures taken in 2006 (Los Angeles meetings):

Behind the scenes #1

Behind the scenes #2

Behind the scenes #3

Gary LaFree and Sally Simpson

Julie Horney and Joan Petersilia

Debra Curran and Charles Tittle

Rachel Dioso, Flora Myamba, Evelyn Patterson, Zoua Vang - Minority Fellowship recipients

Sonja Siennick - Carte Student Paper Award winner and McGraw-Hill representative

Travis Pratt - Cavan recipient and Prentice-Hall representative

Darrell Steffensmeier and Jeffery Ulmer - Hindelang recipients

Rosemary Barberet - Bloch recipient

Franklin E. Zimring - Vollmer recipient

Peter Grabosky - Sellin-Glueck recipient

Gary LaFree and Peggy Giordano - New ASC Fellows  (with Vice President Denise Gottfredson)

Daniel S. Nagin - Sutherland recipient

Ron Akers and his Bluegrass Band

Roger Jarjoura and in the Exhibit Hall

Jim Short and Al Cohen

Bernardo Matias Perez - Presidential Justice Award recipient

Hot Spots

Los Angeles Spring Board Meeting (April 2006)

Pictures taken in 2005 (Toronto meetings):

Behind the scenes - 1

Behind the scenes - 2

Behind the scenes - 3

Rick Rosenfeld, Wayne Osgood, David Weisburd, Richard Tremblay

John Laub - Sutherland recipient

John Laub - Sutherland recipient

Leigh Nakama, Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo, Yaschica Williams - Minority Fellowship recipients

David Kirk, Callie Harbin Burt, Benjamin Steiner - Carte Student Paper Award winners

Charis Kubrin - Cavan recipient

Mark Warr - Hindelang recipient

Richard Tremblay - Sellin Glueck recipient

Jacquelyn Campbell - Vollmer recipient

Bob Bursik - Bloch recipient

Wayne Osgood, Richard Rosenfeld, David Weisburd, Barry Feld - New ASC Fellows

Ron Akers and his Bluegrass Band

Julie Horney and Wayne Osgood at the opening reception

Ice Cream Social  (Denise Gottfredson, Doris MacKenzie, Chris Uggen, Todd Clear)

Sam Rivera of the Fortune Society - Presidential Justice Award recipient

Hot Spots

Pictures taken in 2004 (Nashville meetings):

Registration 1

Registration 2

Doris MacKenzie - Bloch recipient

John Braithwaite - Sutherland recipient

Denise Nation, Tomson Nguyen, Holly Ventura - Minority Fellowship recipients

ASC Team (Sarah, Sue, Rita and Dick)

Robert Sampson and John Laub - Hindelang recipients

Ice Cream Social 1  (Frank Cullen, Alan Lizotte, Finn Esbensen, Chris Uggen)

Ice Cream Social 2  (Gary LaFree, Bob Meier, Henry Pontell)

J. David Hawkins, Julie Horney, Kenneth D. Land, Ross Matsueda - New ASC Fellows

Edward Latessa - Vollmer recipient

Jeffrey Morenoff - Cavan recipient

Frances Heidensohn - Sellin Glueck recipient

Frank Cullen

Ron Akers and his Bluegrass Band

Julie Horney and Frank Cullen

Gary LaFree, Bob Meier, Julie Horney, Frank Cullen, Donna Bishop, Ray Paternoster, Alan Lizotte, Chris Uggen, Rosemary Gartner

Melissa Moon and Bonnie Fisher - Meeting Co-Chairs

Pictures taken in 2003 (Denver meetings):

Sarah Hall at work

Sue Beelman and Lindsey Jackson

Charles Wellford, Ronald Akers, David Farrington

Eric Baumer - Cavan recipient

William Chambliss - Sutherland recipient

Delbert Elliott - Vollmer recipient

Jonathan Shepherd - Sellin Glueck recipient

Alan J. Lizotte, Carolyn Smith, Kimberly Tobin, Marvin Krohn, Terence Thornberry - Hindelang recipients

Fifteen Past Presidents (from left Marg Zahn, Harry Allen, Frank Scarpitti, John Laub, Joan McCord, Al Blumstein, Gerhard Mueller, Freda Adler, Roland Chilton, Gilbert Geis, Austin Turk, Frank Cullen, Ron Huff, Delbert Elliot, Larry Sherman)

Minority Fellowship Dance Bands

Julian Houston - Justice Award recipient

The “Hot Spots”

Passing the Gavel - Frank Cullen and John Laub

Harry Allen, Frank Cullen, Chris Eskridge

Program Co-Chairs - Sally Simpson and Denise Gottfredson

Gerhard Mueller and Freda Adler

Freda Adler

Sarah Hall and Freda Adler

Freda Adler and Bill Laufer

Sue Beelman, unknown, Sarah Hall

Albert Cohen, Debra Curran

Chris Eskridge

Rita Hollingshead, Dick Hollingshead, Ruth Peterson, unknown, Dick Bennett

Mitch Silverman, Sarah Hall, Mitch Silverman's son

Frank Cullen and Chris Eskridge

Jim Short

Sue Beelman, Sarah Hall, Rita Hollingshead

Rick Rosenfeld, Chris Uggen, Chris Eskridge, Rosemary Gartner

Standing Chris Eskridge, Dick Hollingshead, Rita Hollingshead, Sarah Hall, Sue Beelman; Seated Lindsey Jackson, Cherie Eskridge, unknown

Sarah Hall, Dick Hollingshead, Lindsey Jackson, Sue Beelman, Rita Hollingshead

Harry Allen and Frank Cullen

Rita and Dick Hollinshead

Ron Akers and his Bluegrass Band

Pictures taken in 2001 (Atlanta meetings):

ASC Board Meeting - Lynne Goodstein, Bob Bursik, John Laub, Larry Sherman, Ron Huff, Doris MacKenzie, David Farrington

Ron Huff and ?

Ron Huff and Jeremy Travis

Ron Huff and Sarah Hall

John Laub

David Farrington

Roland Chilton

Larry Sherman

Ron Huff and Martin Killias

Margaret Zahn, Frank Scarpitti, Roland Chilton

Lynne Goodstein, Doris MacKenzie

Debra Curran, Todd Clear, Christy Visher

Ron Huff and Robert Sampson

Christy Visher, Jim Hackler, Jennifer Bursik

Ron Huff and Lynne Goodstein

Chris Eskridge, Cathy Widom, Wayne Osgood

Claude Teweles and Charles Wellford

Gerhard Mueller, Chris Eskridge, Freda Adler

Marilyn McShane and Jay Albanese

TJ Taylor and Chris Sellers

Larry Siegel and Bob Bohm

Chris Eskridge and Carole Garrison

Frank Hagan, unknown, Steve Lab

Terry Hendrix and Todd Clear

Pictures taken in 1991 (San Francisco meetings):

Eighteen past presidents (from left Charles Newman, Don Gottfredson, Gerhard Mueller hidden, Donal E J MacNamara, William Dienstein, Austin Turk, Harry Allen, Al Reiss, Ron Akers, Joan McCord, Lloyd Ohlin, Gilbert Geis, Dan Glaser, Travis Hirschi, Nicholas Kittrie, Marvin Wolfgang, John Kenney, John Hagan)

Ron Akers, Joan McCord (John Hagan seated)

Marvin Wolfgang, unknown (John Hagan and unknown seated)

Marvin Wolfgang (Marg Zatz and John Hagan seated)

Don Gibbons, John Braithwaite (John Hagan seated)

Pictures taken in 1990 (Baltimore meetings);

Sixteen past presidents (from left Frank Scarpitti, Gerhard Mueller, Nicholas Kittrie, Travis Hirschi, Simon Dinitz, Joan Petersilia, Dan Glaser, John Ball, Joan McCord, Al Reiss, Ron Akers, C. Ray Jeffrey, Harry Allen, Donal E J MacNamara, John Hagan, Austin Turk)

Pictures taken in 1989 (Reno meetings):

Michael Gottfredson

Joan Petersilia and Joan McCord

Henry Pontell

Joan McCord and Marvin Wolfgang

Marvin Wolfgang and Joan McCord

Pictures taken in 1986 (Atlanta meetings):

Barbara Price (Program Chair, 1986) and Lloyd Ohlin (President, 1986)

Lloyd Ohlin (President, 1986)

Chris Eskridge, Sarah Hall, Harry Allen (President, 1982)

J. Robert Lilly (Treasurer, 1982-1989) and Marc Riedel (Program Chair, 1984-1985)

ASC Past Presidents: John Ball, William Amos, John Kinney, Donal MacNamara, and Charles Newman

ASC Past Presidents: John Ball, William Amos, John Kinney, Donal MacNamara, and Charles Newman

Chris Eskridge (Advertising & Exhibit Coordinator), Julius Debro (Local Arrang. Chair, 1986), and Harry E. Allen (President, 1981-1982)

Charles L. Newman (President, 1972)

Frank Scarpitti (President, 1980-1981)

Harry E. Allen (President, 1981-1982)

Don M. Gottfredson (President, 1986-1987), and Edith E. Flynn (Vice President, 1986-1987)

Edith E. Flynn (Vice President, 1986-1987)

Lloyd E. Ohlin (President, 1985-1986)

Albert J. Reiss, Jr. (President, 1983-1984)

Barabara R. Price

Don M. Gottfredson (President, 1986-1987), C. Ray Jeffery (President, 1977-1978), and Harry E. Allen (President, 1981-1982)

James I. Inciardi (Editor, CRIMINOLOGY, 1978-1980)

Patricia DeLancey (Executive Secretary Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences)

Don M. Gottfredson and Margaret Zahn

Presidential Roundtable Sessions 1986 Atlanta Meeting (1)

Presidential Roundtable Sessions 1986 Atlanta Meeting (2)

Presidential Roundtable Sessions 1986 Atlanta Meeting (3)

Presidential Roundtable Sessions 1986 Atlanta Meeting (4)

Presidential Roundtable Sessions 1986 Atlanta Meeting (5)

Presidential Roundtable Sessions 1986 Atlanta Meeting (6)

Poster Sessions-1986 Atlanta Meeting; John Hepburn

Sarah Hall and Barbara R. Price

Sarah Hall and Al Cohen

James and Bunny Hackler

Roland and Liz Chilton (Executive Secretary, 1981-1985)

Charles and Della Newman

Al Cohen and Minoru Yokoyama

Lloyd E. Ohlin and Joseph G. Weis

Joseph G. Weis (Editor, Criminology, 1983-1986)

Don M. Gottfredson (President, 1986-1987) and Lloyd E. Ohlin (President, 1985-1986)

Carl Klockers, Hugh Barlow, Ron Huff, unkown

Sarah Hall, Harry Allen, unknown

Chris Eskridge and Gary Green

John Kramer (Editor, The Criminologist, 1983-1985)

J. Robert Lilly (Treasurer, 1982-1989)

Terence Thornberry (Executive Council, 1985-1988), Joan Petersilia (Vice President, 1985-1986), Ruth Ellen Grimes, and Carl Wiedemann (1986 Program Co-Chair)

Austin T. Turk (President, 1984-1985), Ruth-Ellen Grimes, and Richard Moran

Mary Jane O'Brien and John Dombrink

Phyllis Jo Baunach (Chair Division On Women and Crime)

Marc Riedel (1984-1985 Program Chair) and J. Robert Lilly (Treasurer, 1982-1989)

John Kramer (Editor, The Criminologist, 1983-1985)

Lloyd Ohlin and Don Gottredson

Lloyd Ohlin and Anthony G. Amsterdam

Roger Hood and Lloyd Ohlin

Travis Hirschi and Lloyd Ohlin

J. Robert Lilly and Lloyd Ohlin

Don Gottfredson

Travis Hirschi

Roger Hood and Anthony G. Amsterdam

ASC Board Meeteing; Barbara Price, Lloyd Ohlin, Joan Petersilia, Charles Wellford, Julius Debro

ASC Board Meeting: Charles Wellford, Julius Debro, unknown, Joan McCord, Joseph Weis, Roland Chilton

ASC Board Meeting; Joseph Weis, Roland Chilton, Sarah Hall, J. Robert Lilly, Chris Eskridge, Don Gottfredson

ASC Board Meeting; Marg Zahn, Terry Thornberry, Bill Chambliss, unknown, Barbara Price, Joan Petersilia

ASC Board Meeting

Lloyd Ohlin

Sarah Hall at the registration desk

Mechim Amir and unknown at the Minority Fellowship Dance

Marvin Wolfgang

Julius Debro and two unknown colleagues

Joseph Scott and Travis Hirschi

Barbara Price and colleague

Austin Turk, Jim Hackler  and colleagues

Marvin Wolfgang ad the Minority Fellowship Dance

Albert Cohen at the Minority Fellowship Dance

William Chambliss at the Minority Fellowship Dance

Ron Akers, Wayne Osgood and colleagues, Roundtable session

Carl Klockers and colleagues, Rountable session

Marvin Wolfgang and colleagues, Roundtable session

Kimberly Kempf-Leonard and colleagues

William Chambliss and unknown

Don Gibbons, Ron Akers and unknown

Don Gottfredson and Jim Finckenauer

Lloyd Ohlin, David Farrington, Marvin Wolfgang

Gilbert Geis, unknown, Marvin Wolfgang


Neal Shover

Pictures taken in 1985 (San Diego meetings):

Gilbert Geis

Henry Pontell

Jill Rosenbaum

Chris Eskridge

Del Elliott and Barry Krisberg

Charles Wellford and Barry Krisberg

Albert Cohen

John Kenney and Jerry Vito

C. Ray Jeffrey and Roland Chilton

Austin Turk and

Dennis Longmire and Ron Huff

Joseph Scott and Travis Hirschi

Travis Hirschi and Sarah Hall

Joan McCord and Albert Cohen

Marc Reidel and unknown

Chris Eskridge and Joan Petersilia

Ron Akers


Donal E. J. MacNamara

Simon Dinitz

Pictures of ASC Presidents